Body-shaming, colorism, and disabilities embarrassment need to stop!

Society has havoc on our self-esteem making us believe in an unrealistic standard of beauty created by society. Not meeting up with the beauty standard outlined by society, we feel inferior, insecure, and less confident because of society's perception of our look. Base on body type, men need to be…

Not everyone who does cryptocurrency would make a fortune out of it!

Cryptocurrency is a digital file currency that is secured by cryptography. Among all the existing cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is the first most popular and the most valuable cryptocurrency in every part of the world. Other cryptocurrencies that are well known include Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Tether, and some others.

Since bitcoin is…

Olamie Abiyy

Student Nurse, Girls Gone Global Ambassador, a blogger. check out my weightloss blog on

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